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Group Strength & Conditioning

Improve you agility, strength and endurance with our group based program. Transform your health, improve your day to day life, and build lasting fitness habits

Cover every base...

Our group strength & conditioning program is built to help you handle anything that life throws at you. Whether you want to run your first 10k fun run, or just want to keep up with your kids without running out of breath, then this is the program for you.

This comprehensive training approach harmoniously combines speed, power, strength, mobility, and conditioning, all under one roof. So whether you are looking to get back to playing sport again, or just want to drop a few kilos our group S&C program is tailor made to cater to your unique aspirations.

Elevate Your Potential with GPP

Power Up with Tech-Backed Coaching!

  • A concurrent training program that looks to improve your speed, power, strength, mobility and conditioning

  • Regular testing via in-gym methods and our VALD ForceDeck Technology to ensure continued progress

  • Small group numbers to GUARANTEE you get an individual high-touch experience

  • A truly care based experience with coaches that are solely dedicated to your success with us

At Vice & Motion, we're dedicated to empowering you to beat those plateaus and build the healthiest lifestyle you can have. Our Group Strength & Conditioning program will equip you with the skills, strength, and stamina to conquer any challenge life throws your way. Whether you're a weekend warrior pursuing specific performance targets or an individual committed to a more active and healthier lifestyle, our group program serves as the catalyst for your achievements.

Success Story

Hugh Jameison

Through our GPP Program, Hugh was able to reduce his back pain to near nothing. This is something he had dealt with since his teenage years. Hugh has significantly increased his strength as well posting deadlifts of over well over 100kg when before he was afraid of lifting any weight.

This if for you if you

  • Are wanting to drop some body fat and actually keep it off​

  • Are looking to get stronger for day-to-day life

  • Wanting to build healthy joints so they can function better every day​

  • Wanting to improve your performance in sports

  • Have never been able to build consistent long-term habits that lead to results​

  • Just wanting to have a body that can handle the weekend run or taking your kids down to the park​

  • Sick of "starting your fitness journey" again

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What is Vice & Motion Gym and Studio?

Vice & Motion Gym and Studio is a purpose-structured facility dedicated to meeting all your health and fitness needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including strength and conditioning training, performance rehabilitation, and youth athletic development.

What does Vice & Motion Gym and Studio specialize in?

We specialize in providing top-notch strength and conditioning training, performance rehabilitation to help you recover from injuries, and youth athletic development programs aimed at enhancing athletic excellence in young athletes.

What sets Vice & Motion apart from other fitness facilities?

At Vice & Motion, we stand out by offering a care-centered approach to training. Our coaching philosophy focuses on individualized, high-touch training that goes beyond just the time spent in the gym. We prioritize your overall health and lifestyle to ensure your success.

How can I benefit from the General Physical Preparation (GPP) program?

Our exclusive GPP program is designed to unlock agility, strength, and endurance through a comprehensive training approach. Whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our GPP program can help you achieve your fitness goals and build lasting fitness habits.

What technology is used for performance testing at Vice Fitness?

We use cutting-edge technology, including 'VALD' ForceDecks & Dynamo, for our performance testing. These tools provide highly precise data to assess your athletic abilities, strengths, and areas for improvement.

How does the Performance Rehab program work?

Performance Rehab at Vice & Motion combines expert training systems with rehabilitation strategies to help you recover from pain and injury. We bridge the gap between basic rehabilitation and a return to optimal function, ensuring a smooth transition through phases.

Who is the Youth Athletic Development program for?

Our Youth Athletic Development program is designed for young athletes looking to enhance their athletic performance, prevent injuries, and gain vital training wisdom. Whether you're involved in team or individual sports, this program will improve your athletic ability and gym training knowledge.

How do I get started with Vice & Motion's programs?

To get started, you can book a call with us to discuss your goals and needs. Additionally, you can apply online to join the programs that interest you. Our team will guide you through the process and help you choose the right program for your fitness journey.

What is Vice & Motion's coaching philosophy?

Our coaching philosophy is centered around providing effective, high-touch training that focuses on your overall well-being. We believe in quality over quantity and aim to help you succeed by addressing your individual needs and goals.

How do I contact Vice & Motion Gym and Studio?

You can reach out to us by booking a call through our website or by applying online for the programs we offer. Our team is here to assist you in your fitness journey and answer any questions you may have.


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